A b o u t

»find the traces which lead to the whole«

Raised in a small village in Germany there are not many distractions. The road was early marked outward. School, theological studies and diploma. After working at the university and in a parish, I am currently with the catholic community of Winterthur (Switzerland). There I am photographing for the community, the Catholic Church in the Zurich region, the swiss catholic media centre and I'm also trying to give young people a closer look at the surrounding world and to themselves. My work includes themes mostly of faith, religion.


I am a photographic self-taught. Masterclasses with Ron Haviv and Christopher Morris (VII photo) helped me to sharpen my view over the years.


C l i e n t s

kath.ch - swiss catholic media centre

forum Zurich - catholic magazine in Kanton Zurich

Jesuits Switzerland - largest catholic order in the world

ACN Switzerland - catholic NGO

Pontifical Swiss Guard - the Pope's guard in the Vatican

P u b l i c a t i o n s

Schweizergarde - Pontifical Swiss Guard, g./e., pub. 2015, 160 p.

Forewords by Kurt Cardinal Koch and Ron Haviv.